Featured image: illustration, “Wanton Destruction of Buffalo,” in W.E. Webb, Buffalo Land, An Authentic Account of the Discoveries, Adventures, and Mishaps of a Scientific and Sporting Party in the Wild West (Cincinnati and Chicago: E. Hannaford & Company, 1872).

“Buffalo Robes,” Nor’-Wester (31 March 1864), 2:

“The yield of Robes for this year promises to be much less than the past average. On the Missouri, at the different Forts, the receipts up to the 1st Feb. were very small. At Fort Union, where a thousand bales were usually taken, only two hundred and fifty had been received; and at the lower Forts, in the Sioux country proper, very few or none will be taken.

On our side of the line, the ‘take’ has not been much better. In the beginning of the winter, the buffalo were in the vicinity of the Qu’Appelle Lakes and the South Branch of the Saskatchewan; but before the middle of winter they moved up towards the Mountains in the direction of the North Branch, so that the heaviest ‘take’ will be confined to the Fort Pitt and Edmonton districts.”

cameo 3

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